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Members of Potomac can now manage their personal and contact information as well as mail preferences online, anytime, via the Grand Lodge’s electronic membership system called Grand View. Create your account if this is your first time using it.

Pay Dues

Members may pay their annual fees by mail or online.
For mail, please ensure your check is made out to “Potomac Lodge No.5 F.A.A.M.” and mail to:
Attention: Secretary
Potomac Lodge No.5
1212 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington D.C. 20007

Donate to the Lodge

For over 228 years, members of Potomac Lodge have made a positive impact in Georgetown and the greater community across the District of Columbia. We are also fortunate to have a thriving and growing community of international members. As the costs of operating in one of the most thriving parts of the District continue to rise, we often reach out to our members and the community for support.

Fundraiser items
History of Potomac Lodge #5 Book
A visual history of Potomac Lodge Number 5.
Georgetown Masonic Hall Print
This remarkable art work was created in 2009, at the request of Potomac Lodge #5. It was a presented January 9, 2010, as a special gift to Illustrious Brother Dean C. Clatterbuck, to mark his retirement as Secretary after 26 years of faithful service to the Lodge. The original oil was conceived and painted by Pawinee McEntire, wife of Jerry D. McEntire, PM.